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Breeding Koi must be the new black because everyone is doing it. You would think that it would require someone old and ooze with experience, right? Wrong, naturally, everyone is doing it so that anyone can do it. That works for me. What would be the reasons a person would want to breed Koi?

Well, maybe they want to earn a huge return in profit; maybe their friend is doing it, and they want to keep up with the newest fad, or it could be that they just like Koi and think that breeding is a fun hobby. Hobbies are a good way to keep a person busy. Yes, breeding Koi can be quite expensive, but like most hobbies, the enjoyment that you get out of it outweighs the monetary loss, if any, by a huge margin.

Since the Spring and Summer months are the best time to breed Koi, this should probably be the only hobby you take up during this time. Even though breeding is only for fun, you want to take it seriously and dedicate as much time as possible to get the best possible outcome. If you are like me, you are a perfectionist at everything you do, so make all of your selections wisely. From beginning to end, no one step is more important than the last.

When selecting you’re mating Koi, you want to make sure you have the “cream of the crop.” For example: If one egg in the basket is cracked, chances are they are all cracked. The best only comes from the best, so you may have to shop around to find the two you need, but you will know when you find them.

You want to make sure your Koi are around 4-5 years; thus, they are not too young or too old, which would prevent them from producing offspring easily. With so many different Koi to choose from, your personal preference will decide on color and type but remember quality is much more important than the way something looks.

Is your breeding pond all set up? Yes, you have to have a separate space to breed the Koi. Unfortunately, unlike goldfish, you cannot just stick these two Koi into a 10-gallon tank, fill it up with water, throw some pretty little decorations in it and wait for the babies to come.

We only wish it would work that way. An ideal pond would be round in shape and has no more than 1,000 gallons of water, with a water temperature between 18 and 20 degrees Celcius. If you live in a house, it would be extremely beneficial for your pond to be right in your backyard; this way, you can keep a very close eye on the breeding process from the comfort of your own home.

The full process of breeding Koi is quite extensive; it entails a lot of planning, so you want to select the best fish, that is the most lucrative step. Ensure that you have all of your equipment and materials together because if you are missing even one necessity, it will completely mess you up. Since this is just a hobby, you want to remain interested.

Quite often, we easily give up on hobbies throughout or a lifetime because they are no longer fun, or it becomes too much work, so if you think this may be you, then breeding Koi may be that one hobby you don’t take on. Happy Breeding.