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Koi Breeding for Fun & Money

  • Koi Can Be Both Hobby and Home Business

    Your koi will become a big part of your life in many ways. As a peaceful, relaxing hobby, raising koi cannot be beaten. As a business, breeding and selling koi makes a fine home business for a person who has taken the time to learn all about koi and how to start a breeding program with them. Either way, you should be able to sell many of your koi to others for a rewarding pastime and business. If you are planning to breed koi, then you must start on the right foot. You cannot simply find someone who is selling koi, bring a few back homes with you, then toss them into a five-gallon bucket and expect them to thrive in this “new home.” Koi are hardy, but this treatment would certainly not be good for any fish, much less the Koi. These fish have the potential to be very time-consuming, but you can curtail this somewhat by doing your homework before even purchasing a few Koi. The hobby of keeping Koi is a fascinating one that can become a lucrative business with a little research and a lot of work. Owning Koi is a relaxing pastime that you will enjoy throughout your life. The Koi is one of the most beautiful fish in existence. Their colors are eye-catching, and their agile bodies are quite graceful when gliding through the water of their pond. A group of Koi can live for more than two hundred years when cared for properly, although 25-35 years seems to be an average lifespan.   Get our ebook for helpful information to turn your backyard hobby into a profitable business.
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